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Booking an Event
   Events should be booked as early as possible to insure date availability. Event date will be secured once the security deposit has been received.

Guest Counts
   When an event is booked, an estimate of a guest count must be provided. Prior to seven days before the event date, a guaranteed guest count must be provided. Final billing will reflect the actual guest count or the guaranteed guest count, whichever is greater.

Catering Staff
   Included in the proposal is the recommended number of service staff. The rate for the staff is as follows:
    service staff $18.00/hour
    bartender $18.00/hour
    kitchen staff  $22.00/hour

  We do not automatically charge a gratuity, leaving it to your discretion.

Security Deposit
  In order to secure an event a deposit of 30% of the total price will be required.

Service Charge
  A charge of 18% of the food and beverage total will be added to all events.

Alcohol Service
Koolfire is not licensed to sell spirits, however we are happy to arrange alcohol service through a local alcohol caterer. A soft bar set up is available for $1.50 per person. We are also more than happy to service any alcohol that you provide.

 Cancellations with 30 days notice will be given a full refund of the deposit less any unrecoverable food, material and/or labor costs.

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